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The tour begins from the traditional village of Lakones built in the 18th century on the side of the mountain with the most beautiful majestic views in the whole of the island. We continue with thebeautiful villages of Krini and Makrades, where we may visit the byzantine castle named Aggelokastro. Built in the 18th century at an altitude of 330 metres its purpose was to protect the nearby villages from the pirates’ frequent attacks. Once we have had a free taste of the traditional goods such as wine, olive oil, honey and olives we will move on to the beautiful village of Paleokastritsa where we have many more choices. We can visit the Monastery of the Virgin Mary built in 1218 with its small museum of byzantine and post-byzantine paintings, holy books and craftware. The view from the Monastery is truly majestic.

An activity offered to the most adventurous visitor is a visit to the small and bigger caves in the Paleokastritsa bay in small boats. You may also swim in the crystal waters and experience the exquisite tastes of the local cuisine always freshly made with local produce.

The visitor will leave delighted and mystified from the idyllic island of Corfu. The next stop is the Achillion Palace. The Palace was built in 1891 for the Empress of Austria, Elizabeth (also known as Sissy to locals). The Palace was named after the Greek Mythology hero, Achilles who the Empress so much admired. Inside the Palace we may witness the magnificent paintings of many artists as well as furniture, jewelry and personal items belonging to the Empess. In the abundant garden there are many statutes depicting characters from the Greek Mythology, the most prominent being the one of Achilles, which is 11 metres in height.

Kanoni, which is renowned for its views, adopted its name after the positioning of canons in that area by the French in 1798. From here the visitor has a spectacular view of Pontikonissi (Mouse Island) and the nearby area of the airport. This area is one of the most charming ones on the island and is a favourite of photographers.

The town of Corfu, one of the treasures of Greece, is an example of the byzantine and Venetian art and architecture. Corfu Town was protected by the Old Fortress (Fortezza) an architectural masterpiece of the byzantine era which was built in the 13th century. Meanwhile, the New Fortress was built in 1578 by the Venetians.

Over the centuries many of the invaders occupying Corfu left their prints on the architecture of the Town.

Walking through the narrow roads of the Old Town you will have the impression that you are walking through an open museum and you will feel the aliveness of the historic centre.

The Espianada, the central and largest square in the Balkans together with Liston constitute the most central parts of the Corfiots’ social life. Liston, which is a memory from the French occupation, designed by the French mechanic Lesseps, brings to mind the Rue Rivolli in Paris. Nearby is also situated the Palace of Micheal Georgios, built in 1819 of stone bought from the island of Malta, which was used by the then English ambassador. Today, the palace hosts the only Museum of Asian Art in Greece.

Also situated in the historic centre is the glorious Church of Agios Spyridonas (the Saviour Saint of the island). Another historic building which is 400 years old is the Jewish Synagogue, also situated in Corfu Town.

These are the most important sights of Corfu which you may visit in the few hours you have on the island. Most of the visitors who come to Corfu promise they will return and they do! Why don’t you do the same?

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